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A Munro Commercial Inspection exceeds the highest standards of inspection in the Commercial Inspection industry.

When inspecting a commercial space in a mixed commercial/residential strata building or the entire commercial building, it is imperative to assess the condition of the whole building as you will either share the expenses or assume all the expenses for the common area building components of the building.  The building envelope, roof, parkade membrane, decks membrane, exterior lighting, surrounding landscape and all boiler or HVAC mechanical rooms are inspected to determine the age, condition and the next scheduled maintenance or replacement capitol project.  Internally, the electrical, plumbing, insulation, HVAC, elevator/s, fire suppression system, people with disabilities requirements and the overall condition of the unit are inspected to determine functionality, condition, and the next scheduled maintenance or replacement project.

Infrared Technology is mandatory during a commercial inspection.  Thermal imaging is used to detect thermal protection (missing insulation), moisture ingress and overloaded electrical breakers. Every commercial inspection requires the use of a thermal imaging camera with infrared technology.

Munro Commercial Inspections provides clients with Confidence when purchasing a building or commercial strata unit.

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Munro Commercial Inspections exceeds the highest standards in the Commercial Inspection Industry and has earned the reputation of being thorough, educational, and a proven leader in the industry.

As an ASTTBC-PI inspector MCI preforms commercial inspections based on the ASTM E 2018 – 018 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process

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