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Infrared Thermal Imaging

With an Infrared Thermal Imaging camera MHI the portion of the spectrum we perceive is dramatically expanded, helping us “see” heat. How can an Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera help in a home inspection?

  • Confirm the thermal protection of a home
  • Locate heat dissipation through widows and insulation
  • See moisture build-up the naked eye cannot
  • Find water leaks
  • Trace spills and water damage
  • Find electrical shorts
  • Check radiant floor heating
  • Find insects and rodents in walls/attics
  • Locate pipes behind walls and under floors.
  • Pinpoint leaks or blockages without cutting scout holes
  • Check water heater and furnace efficiency
  • If your home inspector is not using an infrared thermal imaging camera, what is he looking for?

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